The Sagittarius’ are soft, gentle and feeling outrageous sometimes. The Sagittarius’ can either be called as innocent or foolish, because of their nature. The Sagittarius’ could easily be instigated and intimated too.  

The Sagittarius’ are very poor at judging a person; they do judge the people by their words. They do not judge the people by their actions. The Sagittarius’ are known to be too kind/humane even to the criminals, if they come asking for their help. 

The Sagittarius’ are addicted to admiration and appreciation coming out of others. For the Sagittarius, even the money is secondary to the admiration done by others. The Sagittarius’ are easily cheated, as they do not even recognize the fake appreciations. 

The Sagittarius’ are known to be drifting at the both the end of the spectrum in their material life. The Sagittarius’ are very fond of living in luxuries; but the Sagittarius’ also talk of living as pious and piety in their life. Thus the Sagittarius’ oscillate between the two extreme forms of ideas. 

The Sagittarius pretends to act as if they have extraordinary talents and skills; but in reality they may not have much of those skills. The Sagittarius’ are known to choose only the right and legal path for pursuing both their personal and the public cause. The Sagittarius’ are simply incapable/unwilling/fearful of doing anything illegal and immoral.

The Sagittarius’ simply do not harass anyone or do anything harmful. The Sagittarius’ are courteous, polite and very receptive to every person irrespective of their financial and social status.


The Sagittarius could easily be deceived by others; this happens due to the Sagittarius poor judgment capacity. The Sagittarius puts their entire weight behind the wrong person; and completely distances them from the right person.

The Sagittarius likes to live in a fool’s paradise; the Sagittarius’ are totally addicted to admiration by everyone including the unworthy peoples. The Sagittarius’ are also very fond of self trumpeting their achievements.

The Sagittarius’ are highly sensitive in their nature; they respond very emotionally when they were criticized. The Sagittarius’ are not steady and give matured response, when they are attacked by questioning their integrity. The Sagittarius responses are based on emotions, and not on facts.


The Sagittarius’ are too weak to be comforted; they lack the strong mental ability to tackle all the ills of the daily life. The Sagittarius’ are eager to get only the good speeches and news. The Sagittarius will be numbed when they face any negative situations. There will be no action and they are frozen, when they are struck by the unfavorable news.

The Sagittarius never tries to do any harm for anyone. If the Sagittarius does not like any person, they try to avoid interacting with them. But the Sagittarius never stops talking to them fully. The Sagittarius’ can be trusted and dependable in nature too.


The Sagittarius has little interests in cracking jokes and enjoying the humorous situation. The Sagittarius confuses their friends by ignoring the jokes on them and feigning about the nature of the content. This could be a deliberate attempt by the Sagittarius to divert the attention away from them. The Sagittarius does not like the jokes to be played on them; but they do not protest or argue. The Sagittarius enjoys the jokes and humor to limited ways.


The Sagittarius’ are calm, cool and composed in nature. The Sagittarius’ anger’s are for short duration only. The Sagittarius never keeps them adamant and frustrated for longer times.

The Sagittarius’ anger looks very immature too; they do not others help to bring down their anger. The Sagittarius tries to mollify the people who are affected by their anger. The Sagittarius goes down completely to placate on whom they had shown their anger. The Sagittarius’ are fully frustrated and becomes angry, when they are insulted and attempt to put slur on their reputation.



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