The Sagittarius’ would be interested in love and romance too; but keep it fully under their control. The Sagittarius’ does not allow their romance to disturb anyone; damage their personal and professional activities.

The Sagittarius will not harass anyone for their romance. The Sagittarius’ are very sincere to their love partners; at no point of time, they will deceive their partners. The Sagittarius’ would convey their displeasure directly to their love partners and try to solve the problem immediately.

The Sagittarius will not misbehave with their partners; and will not take any undue advantage over them. The Sagittarius will not harass their love partners for sexual pleasures; they will not interfere in the partner’s preference. The Sagittarius will behave in a extremely gentle manners.


The Sagittarius will not ruin their personal and professional opportunities by indulging in unlimited sexual activities. The Sagittarius will have full control over their mind and body. 

The Sagittarius will not enjoy multiple sexual relationships; and will not deceive their love partners. The Sagittarius will not hanker for sexual pleasure always. The Sagittarius would adjust to the needs of the partners.

The Sagittarius would try first to satisfy the sexual needs of the partners; than to satisfy them. The Sagittarius will not dominate, but cooperate with their partners. They will not be aggressive, but rather very accommodative with their love partners.


The Sagittarius would find it very tough to express their love; rather they respond positively to the proposal from their partner. Initially, the Sagittarius will be very shy to open up their mind; but later become very friendly.

Later, the Sagittarius would attach them selves emotionally with their romance partner; and become possessive too. The Sagittarius makes a slow and steady approach towards their romance partner by dominating in their daily lifestyle. The Sagittarius would exercise control over their partner through some passive manner. But the Sagittarius would make the life more wonderful for the partner; the Sagittarius indirectly holds the control over their partners.


The Sagittarius will maintain the same love and affection even after their marriage. In fact, the Sagittarius wields complete control over the choice and aspiration of their spouses. The Sagittarius merges and fully integrates their life with that of their partner’s life. 

After sometime, the spouse may find it difficult to function without the active help of the Sagittarius. The Sagittarius emotionally attaches themselves with their spouse; thus they are highly possessive in nature too.

The Sagittarius will not allow anyone to abuse or neglect their spouse before them. The Sagittarius would keep their spouse in such an excellent condition even when they are economically weak or aged and unhealthy.

The Sagittarius relationship with their spouse extends beyond the sexual needs too; everything else becomes secondary to their spouse.



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