The Sagittarius’ are known to live within a close knit family. Even if they live away from their family, they do maintain strong ties with their family members. The Sagittarius extends their full support that is feasible by them, to their family members; wherever it is possible for them. 

The Sagittarius’ never initiate any major fights with any of their family members & the relatives. They used to drift away from those relatives, but never stop talking entirely.

The Sagittarius’ used to talk extensively about their educational, financial and professional achievements, thereby irritating others beyond the tolerable limits. The Sagittarius’ are too sensitive to the comments of their relatives. 


The Sagittarius’ are known to maintain a special affection to one of their children over others; or they might be accused of favoring a particular child over other children. 

This misconception grows through the entire period of their life; thus they may not enjoy comfortable relationships with all their children. The Sagittarius may not be interested/or not in a position to control the activities of their children.

In most cases, the Sagittarius is not given proper consideration/recognition by their children. In fact Sagittarius’ are accused of scuttling the growth of their children. But, Sagittarius are very much have love and affections for their children; perhaps they do not express it in the proper way.


The Sagittarius’ loves their spouse very much; they do not allow others to criticize or question their spouse. The Sagittarius’ speak of their fortunes by getting married to a perfect person.

In reality, the Sagittarius may not comfortable with their spouse. The Sagittarius would bluff all the way to each and everyone on getting married to such a superb person. Sometimes, the Sagittarius continues with the same story for the substantial period of their life. 

In return, the Sagittarius person expects strong affection and love from their spouse. The Sagittarius makes their spouse to run pillar to post to pacify their anger & the frustration. The Sagittarius uses this pressure tactics on their spouse for the rest of the life too.


The Sagittarius’ are always helpful to their brothers/sisters. They maintain cordial relationship with their brothers/sisters. Though the Sagittarius maintains cordial relationship with their brothers/sisters, it may not be fully reciprocated by the brothers/sisters.

The Sagittarius’ either gets financial help from their brothers/sisters; also the Sagittarius helps them financially too. But these financial transactions always bring bad reputation/troubles to the Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius helps their brothers/sisters to maintain supremacy or hegemony over them. Thus the Sagittarius’ help comes not only out of conviction, but due to the purpose of the publicity.


The Sagittarius considers everyone as their friends with making any sincere efforts about their antecedents. The Sagittarius can be easily hoodwinked by their friends by exhibiting fake status and dishing out false information. Thus the Sagittarius easily gets into unwanted troubles.

The Sagittarius also does not make friendship with people who are financially poor; and also with the people who are below their financial status. Thus the Sagittarius earns a very bad reputation inadvertently.  

The Sagittarius maintain long list of friends; some may be kept as friends, just to boost the lists. The Sagittarius tries to prove their financial and social clout by keeping unusually large number of friends.     


The Sagittarius positions themselves as a important member of the family; thus tries to attain supremacy over the brothers/sisters. Thus the parents of the Sagittarius give much importance to the views of the Sagittarius. They maintain very cordial relationship with their parents; this could also be a plan to boost their public relationship exercises.



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